Victor Sinclair Series 55 Blue Review

Basic Cigar Info:

Name: Victor Sinclair Series 55 Blue
Strength: Full
Wrapper: Maduro
Origin: Dominican Republic
Shape: Churchill
Filler: Dominican
Length: 7”
Ring Gauge: 50
Price: $3.95 @

series 55













Maduros are hard to perfect. Many companies try to push out quality Maduros but end up detracting from the traditional characteristics. Maduros are meant to have that flaky ash with the sweet undertones from the wrapper, that’s just the way it is. Victor Sinclair must know that as well because the Series 55 Blue Label is the definition of a quality Maduro. At first I was hesitant because Victor Sinclair has often been a hit or miss for me, but yet again we have another hit.

As I rolled the Churchill between my fingers, I found that the nearly pitch black wrapper had very little oil, a dry feel all the way around. Turning it over and over under the light, few veins stood out, a few thick and a few thin, nothing bad. I couldn’t help but admire the band that adorned this cigar, rather than have one large band wrap around, there was a solid face with two small strands to complete the circuit. It really is something to note.

It always feels like an act of violence to bring flame to beautiful cigars, alas, it must be done. But, before I do so, I check the wrapper aroma and cold draw. Sliding the Series 55 back and forth under my nose, some dark fruit and spice entered my lungs, teasing me. The cold draw brought on a similar teasing, sweetness blanketing my palate.

As the flame turned the foot of the cigar from black to red, I gently puffed to get it started; an aroma of thick spice and caramel began to fill the air. A medium to dark grey ash flaked as it grew, showing off that traditional maduro trait. The initial third of the cigar revealed a faintly sweet background with wood and light spice taking the forefront. Some light tobacco began to partake in the festivities a little further in.  Taking in the simple blend of flavors and taking the time to savor them really makes this cigar stand out; the flavors build on each other to provide a sweet and savory sensation. The second third starts to smooth out with more sweetness and slightly roasted caramel while the light tobacco builds up gently. The final third becomes a little interesting, the tobacco has still been intensifying while the spice and wood fall back and some cocoa shows its face. This cigar leaves a wonderful sweet and roasted flavor on the palate once you’ve nubbed it and moved on.

For about $4, this cigar shows all of the quality of a REAL Maduro. Don’t waste your money on more expensive ones that may be a dud, the Series 55 has what you need. Grab this cigar, take a dark ale in hand, and get to work. The relaxing aura that surrounds you will wash your troubles away.

Final Verdict Ratings:

Flavor: 8

Value: 9

Complexity: 8

Finish: 9

Aroma: 8

Strength: 9

Overall: 8.5

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